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We are a digital marketing agency. We plan and build digital marketing campaigns for clients who need a long-term, solid partner that gets results.

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We helped AmbuTech reshape the character of their brand and inject life into their primary product.

Travel Manitoba

Helping hunting and fishing enthusiasts find lodges and outfitters in Manitoba. Sorry animals.

Lount Corporation

Lount Corporation's latest project was about to break ground, but needed an online presence that suited the luxury apartment complex.

Integrated Protection Technologies

Security solutions company IPT was looking to reinvigorate the company with a new brand.

Arctic Action Teams

Arctic Action Teams is a champion of sustainability, helping businesses find better ways to live and work.

Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International wanted to vastly improve the user experience on their website. Of course we were happy to oblige.

Apotex Fermentation Inc.

Warming and humanizing the complex subject of contract manufacturing of fermentation products.

Recycle Manitoba

Where exactly do you recycle that giant microwave rusting away in your garage?

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Marketing is "easy"

Ask anyone in the marketing industry (advertising, research, digital, etc.) and they will not deny the fact that many people, still, think marketing is “easy” and some have a very hard time understanding what the value of marketing is. It might be because the internet is flooded with “how to in X easy steps” marketing topic articles.

Do It Yourself Marketing

Gone wrong DIY stories can be very funny at times, but when your money is on the line it might not be so funny after all. I found many similarities between gone wrong DIY stories, and how some businesses approach digital marketing.

On Teaching Web Design and Development

The quality of students coming from post-secondary courses profoundly impacts our business from the quality of our work to our profitability. This article describes some problems with how web design and development is taught and what might fix them.

Getting creative with plasti-dip and an Icon motorcycle helmet

I added a splash of color to my Icon Airmada helmet using orange Plasti-dip and a tooth brush. With the simple flick of my wrist I was able to give my factory Icon Airmada helmet a custom look that set my helmet apart from the rest. Check out the results in my latest post.


We're a team of creative strategic thinkers that realize campaigns that not only push the creative envelope, but meet strategic objectives. We believe our time needs to be focused on business strategy and that success depends on a precisely devised and executed strategic approach, starting with market analysis, culminating in a strategic plan, and ending with ongoing consultation.


BIO delivers creative design across the entire marketing and communication spectrum, including user experience design, mobile design, 3D modeling, apparel design, package design, direct marketing print design, video design, and visual identity design.

  • User experience design
  • 3D modeling
  • Apparel design
  • Package design
  • Video design


Branding is about putting compelling stories in front of the right people. Our process defines story and audience with brand focused market analysis, strategic ideas that support your business strategy, and slick design language.

  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Identity design
  • Implementation
  • Customer centric strategy


We deliver integrated digital services that let brands add elusive checkmarks beside business strategy goals. We build online presences: content strategy, website design, mobile web design, social media strategy, online advertising, and digital contests and promotions. We enable brands to engage with their audience at a different level.

  • Web design
  • Mobile web design
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing


BIO has code in our DNA, afterall we started as a development firm. Two thirds of our leadership program as a hobby. All the services we offer rest on the bedrock of programming. We are one of the only Drupal firms in Winnipeg, but we have our roots in custom coding and offer code reviews focused on performance, quality, and security.

  • Drupal
  • Custom coding
  • Code reviews
  • Performance reviews
  • Security reviews
  • Support


Let's Talk. We can make wonderful things together.


200-135 Innovation Drive (map)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3T 6A8

284 Spruce Ct.
San Diego, California, USA


office: 1-204-632-6562
US office: 1-619-254-8337
fax: 1-204-272-2362

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We'd love to talk to you about your next project or campaign. Help us help you by answering some questions first. We'll get back to you quickly.

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We'd love to talk to you about your next project or campaign. Help us help you by answering some questions first. We'll get back to you quickly.

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